Concerns about Infected Blood?

With the recent media coverage, we understand you might have concerns about your health. The NHS has set up a new online resource for patients and the public to find help and support. Visit: If you’re worried about a possible hepatitis C infection, you can book a free, confidential home NHS test online. Get…

Tablets for fear of flying: why we don’t prescribe them any more

People sometimes ask the doctor or nurse to prescribe diazepam, or similar drugs like lorazepam temazepam or clonazepam, for fear of flying or to help sleep during flights. Prescribing these drugs is not recommended any more for these reasons: 1. Although plane emergencies are rare, taking Diazepam reduces awareness and reaction times for patients so…

Closure Dates for Staff Training 2024/25

We will be closed from 12 noon on the following dates for staff training: Tuesday 21st May 2024 Wednesday 19th June 2024 Tuesday 2nd July 2024 Tuesday 17th September 2024 Wednesday 16th October 2024 Thursday 27th March 2024